How to Read Your Energy Contract Like a Professional

April 2, 2018 Ask Yourself, “Is My Fixed Price Product Truly Fixed?” The energy market has experienced a period of sustained, lower prices and lower cost volatility for many energy cost components. As a result, customers are increa...

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Cut Your Building's Costs With BOMA Greater Cleveland's Group Purchasing Program

November 15, 2016 Access to these cost savings opportunities is a major benefit of your BOMA Membership.  Participation in the program can result in significant time and cost reductions regardless of the size of your building, its location or the...

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Featured Article - Integrated Energy Management: A Competitive Advantage

April 19, 2016 Most organizations recognize they can’t rely on a single source of energy to run their operations and don’t have a cohesive strategy for buying, managing and monitoring energy. Integrated energy management is about having a unifie...

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FEATURED ARTICLE: It’s 2015 – How Are Your 2020 Sustainability Goals?

November 6, 2015 Does your company have sustainability goals on the horizon? As we near the close of 2015, many businesses have established goals for 2020, and while some companies may be on track to exceed them, others may be worrying about comin...

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FEATURED ARTICLE: Key Takeaways for Energy Buyers

Power & Gas Prices Track Together: Power prices track closely with natural gas prices and gas fundamentals are used as leading indicators to identify power price trends. Gas prices for 2013 were +35% over previous year. Weather Matters:...

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