BOMA Ohio provides BOMA Greater Cleveland with valuable resources and a broader network for advocacy efforts at the state level. Here's how being part of BOMA Ohio benefits: 

  • Unified Advocacy: BOMA Ohio allows the five local associatsions (Greater Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Toledo) to coordinate their advocacy efforts effectively. By pooling resources and expertise, BOMA Ohio can advocate for policies and initiatives that benefit commercial real estate across the state. 

  • Monitoring Legislative Activity: BOMA Ohio keeps a close eye on legislative and regulatory developments at the state level that may impact the commercial real estate industry. This ensures that BOMA Greater Cleveland and other local associations are informed about relevant issues and can respond proactively to potential challenges or opportunities. 

  • Shared Knowledge and Best Practices: Being part of a larger network enables BOMA Greater Cleveland to access a wealth of knowledge and best practices from all over Ohio. This exchange of information allows for continuous learning and improvement in advocacy strategies and tactics. 

  • Increased Influence: Through BOMA Ohio, BOMA Greater Cleveland gains increased influence and visibility in state-level decision-making processes. By speaking with a unified voice on behalf of all BOMAs in the state, BOMA Ohio can effectively advocate for policies that support the interests of the commercial real estate industry statewide. 

BOMA Ohio strengthens Greater Cleveland's advocacy efforts by providing access to resources, coordination opportunities, and a larger platform to influence state-level policies and regulations affecting the commercial real estate sector. 

BOMA International also continues to be a major force as the only national commercial real estate trade organization with an aggressive codes and standards advocacy program. BOMA’s advocacy team is involved in codes and standards development from the moment they’re created; not after they’re released. 

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