April 19, 2016

integrated-energy-management-industrialMost organizations recognize they can’t rely on a single source of energy to run their operations and don’t have a cohesive strategy for buying, managing and monitoring energy.

Integrated energy management is about having a unified view of your organization’s energy and a plan for using it efficiently. This can improve your bottom line, giving your business a competitive advantage. Here are five benefits of an integrated energy management strategy.
  1. Improving Organizational Alignment

Do you find yourself surprised by decisions made without your department’s knowledge? Do you hear inconsistent answers from employees?

Answering “yes” may indicate misalignment within your organization. This is a common challenge when there are multiple stakeholders responsible for energy management. When an organization takes a comprehensive approach toward controlling energy usage, all parties work toward the same objectives.
  1. Achieving Sustainability Goals

An integrated energy management strategy can help companies make the most of their efforts by combining energy purchasing with energy efficiency. That might include building energy-efficiency projects into power agreements so upgrades can be funded by the savings achieved over time. Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy program is one way to do this.

  1. Mitigating Price Volatility
Over the past two years, we’ve experienced record cold temperatures and recently one of the warmest winters on record. All this uncertainty can contribute to volatility. Regardless of how you purchase energy, there is going to be some level of risk. However, when you purchase energy as part of a larger portfolio, there are various strategies to minimize the risk of buying more when prices are high while allowing you to take advantage of market lows, similar to the way you diversify assets in your retirement plan.
  1. Improving Reliability
Having the ability to generate a portion of your power on-site means you’ll be less susceptible to large-scale issues with the grid. By taking time to consider what you can do to reduce energy usage through efficiency upgrades, building automation and periodically scaling back during times when demand is historically high, you’ll be using your existing resources more effectively.
  1. Increasing Shareholder Value
Taking a sustainable approach to using energy is a competitive advantage. As you improve operational efficiency and reduce the costs of running your business, you’ll add profit to your bottom line. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability can be enticing to investors.

Developing an Integrated Energy Management Strategy

Integrated energy management is a long-term approach that requires buy-in from key stakeholders, thoughtful planning and partnerships with experts who have the ability to put your plans into action.
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