BOMA Greater Cleveland is proud to announce a new partnership for your energy needs.  With our new partnership, BOMA Greater Cleveland will now be able to provide you with multiple bids for your building requirements. 

NorthEast Energy Advisors (NEA) started in 2007 educating their clients on how to purchase electricity more effectively and at the lowest cost in the marketplace.  Today, NEA is helping their clients by offering their objective and unbiased energy advisory services.  NEA’s proven energy procurement solutions navigate the complexities and opportunities of a dynamic energy market for their commercial Real Estate clients. 

BOMA Greater Cleveland and NorthEast Energy Advisors have partnered to provide…

  • Navigate the ever-changing energy landscape
  • Leverage BOMA’s buying power for maximized savings to members
  • Keep Building Owners and Management informed with Ohio energy markets

NorthEast Energy Advisors is an independent, unbiased energy advisory group that works with property management companies to manage energy costs. As commercial energy advisors, they analyze electricity trends by being active in the market every day for their clients. They provide property owners, managers, and executives with practical energy supply advise, analysis and tools to save money.  By sorting through the industry changes, market timing, and available energy supply options, they provide the best available cost solutions that meet the individual needs of their clients. NorthEast Energy Advisors helps you focus on what you know best…your business!

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               Energy Sector                                                                              On-Site Generation

                Carbon Neutrality                                                                        Supplier Pricing Audits

                Contract Negotiations                                                                 Technical & Market Focused

                Green Renewable Credits                                                           Utility Management Tools

BOMA (the Building Owners and Managers Association) of Greater Cleveland is a professional trade association in the field of commercial real estate. The mission of BOMA Greater Cleveland is to provide advocacy, professional development, networking and economic savings opportunities for its members.


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