BOMA Greater Cleveland’s success greatly depends on the Northeast Ohio region itself. The relationship is simple: buildings need tenants and the Greater Cleveland area benefits tremendously from high occupancy levels in commercial office buildings. 

BOMA Greater Cleveland will actively support government, regulatory, and community initiatives that promote commercial real estate in the following: 

  • Economic Development: BOMA supports efforts to stimulate economic growth in the region, which in turn benefits the commercial real estate sector by attracting businesses and tenants. 

  • Infrastructure Investment: The organization advocates for investments in infrastructure such as transportation networks, utilities, and other essential systems that support the functioning of commercial properties. 

  • Tax Credits & Incentives: BOMA supports policies that provide tax credits or incentives for commercial real estate development, renovation, or other activities that contribute to the industry's growth and sustainability. 

  • Public Safety: Ensuring a safe environment is crucial for maintaining property values and attracting tenants. BOMA advocates for measures that enhance public safety in the Greater Cleveland area. 

  • Environmental and Energy Sustainability: BOMA recognizes the importance of sustainability in the commercial real estate sector and supports initiatives that promote environmentally friendly practices and energy efficiency in buildings. 

  • Building Codes: Building codes play a significant role in ensuring the safety, accessibility, and sustainability of commercial properties. BOMA advocates for sensible building codes that balance safety requirements with the needs of property owners and tenants, fostering a conducive regulatory environment for the industry. 


Our advocacy mission is “To serve as the preferred liaison for BOMA Greater Cleveland members in government, regulatory, and community affairs that impact the commercial real estate industry in the Greater Cleveland market.” 

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