“Powering Progress: BOMA Greater Cleveland celebrates 100 years of supporting city’s growth through advocacy, education, networking + economic savings opportunities” – March 2015

“Strong Foundations: Building Owners & Managers Association Greater Cleveland Celebrates 90 Years of Creating Corporate Homes” – May 2005

August 2018 “Selecting a Security & Safety Provider”
July 2018 “Interior Essentials”
June 2018 “Bonded & Insured: Are You Really Protected?”
May 2018 “Replacement? Why Not Repair?”
April 2018 “The Plumber Protects the Health of the Nation”
March 2018 “Selecting Proper Cleaning Products”
February 2018 “Improving Contractor-Client Communication”
January 2018 “Exploding Technology in CRE”
December 2017 “Getting the Most out of Your Janitorial Contractor”
November 2017 “The Value of Preconstruction Services”
October 2017 “Designing an Effective RFP for Facility Services”
September 2017 “Can Snow Companies Be Green?”
August 2017 “Benefits Abound With Prefabrication”
July 2017 “Embracing Today’s Flexible Workspace Needs”
June 2017 “Façade Ordinance: What You Need To Know”
May 2017 “New Developments in NE Ohio Energy Markets”
April 2017 “The Worst Roof Leaks may be out of Sight…”
March 2017 “Benefits for Building Commissioning”
February 2017 “Considering a Long-Term Natural Gas Plan?”
January 2017 “Key Trends in Office Space”
December 2016 “Disinfecting the way to a Healthier Workplace”
November 2016 “Watch out for the Roofing Shell Game”
October 2016 “Key Contractor Characteristics for a Successful Renovation”
September 2016 “Energy Buying 101”
August 2016 “Benefits of High-Rise Building Security Guards”
July 2016 “A Look at Interior Design as a Crucial Element in a Successful Move or Renovation”
June 2016 “Partnering With Customers in the Buying Process”
May 2016 “An Ounce of Prevention”
April 2016 “Keeping PACE with Energy Efficiency Financing”
March 2016 “Maintaining the Building Fire Alarm”
February 2016 “PUCO Clarifies Energy Contract Language”
January 2016 “Historic Natural Gas Lows Open New Opportunities for Property Managers to Save”
December 2015 “Measuring Success with KPIs”
November 2015 “Future-Proofing Your Business” 
October 2015 “Quality Coatings Begin with Quality Surface Prep”
September 2015 “The Importance and Benefits of Green Plumbing in Commercial Settings”
August 2015 “Keeping Offices Healthy Through Hand Hygiene”
July 2015 “Deactivating Stress and Mess”
June 2015 “Dazzling Effects, Lasting Impressions”
May 2015 “Proving the Value of Energy Management”
April 2015 “Cleaning Company Connections”
March 2015 “Beyond ‘Going Green’”
February 2015 “Green Building to a Better Bottom Line”
January 2015 “Shedding Light on LED Conversion”
December 2014 “Attracting Tenants with Fiber-Optic Networks”
November 2014 “What Impacts Price of Snow & Ice Removal?”
October 2014 “Benefits of BOMA Membership”
September 2014 “Increasing Recycling with a Deskside Program”
August 2014 “Enhancing Curb Appeal Through Landscaping”
July 2014 “Using ESCOs to reach Energy Efficiency Goals”
June 2014 “Examining the Value of a Stable Energy Supplier in a Volatile Market”
May 2014 “Lessons Learned from the Polar Vortex”
April 2014 “Sustainability in the Washroom”
March 2014 “Managing Electricity Capacity Charges”
February 2014 “Improving Wellness Through Green Space”
January 2014 “IRS’s ‘Tangible Property’ Regulations… & Why You Should Be Nervous”




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