September 3, 2015

Historic tax credits

At the end of the June the Ohio Senate unexpectedly inserted a two-year moratorium for the Historic Preservation Tax Credit. They also proposed turning it into a grant program. BOMA Greater Cleveland and BOMA Ohio have supported this tax credit since it was first created in 2007.

Because of the importance of this tax credit organizations from across Ohio joined forces and launched a grassroots campaign by writing letters and calling their state legislators. All six BOMA locals (Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, and Toledo) and BOMA Ohio were heavily engaged, as were groups like the Downtown Cleveland Alliance and the Greater Cleveland Partnership.

Thankfully, due to the immense outpouring of opposition for the proposed moratorium and changes to the tax credit, the Ohio Senate acquiesced and pulled the proposal from the budget.


In early August we had a precursor of sorts to what the spectacle Clevelanders can expect in July 2016 when the first Republican Primary debate was held at Quicken Loans Arena. There were road closures in the immediate vicinity of the arena, cable television stations like Fox News and MSNBC broadcasted from downtown, and there were some protests.

In addition to our role as host city of the 2016 Republican National Convention, Ohio is a significant state in the general election so don’t be surprised to see candidates of both political parties stopping by frequently as they fight to be the nominee for the General Election.

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