September 1, 2015

No cleaning company will tell you that they are bad at what they do, though many are. Instead, salesmen working for vendors sing the sweetest songs extolling the virtue of their cleaning capabilities and training programs. So how can you really tell the best from the rest?

The short answer is, CIMS-GB Certification. Today, service providers who are able to adequately support their services and provide customer satisfaction do more than sing sweet songs telling you so – they maintain industry certifications that independently certify their capabilities. The leading industry standard today is the Cleaning Industry Management Standard for Green Buildings (CIMS-GB) industry standard provided by the ISSA, International Cleaning Industry Association. ISSA is a non-profit association, founded in 1923, which provides worldwide leadership for companies of all sizes in the facility service industry. ISSA’s Independent industry certification program assures customers that a janitorial contractor meets generally accepted industry standards for quality.

Areas of management practices that are reviewed for certification include: 1.Quality Systems; 2. Service Delivery; 3. Human Resources; 4. Health, Safety, and Environmental Stewardship; and 5. Management Commitment. Under the CIMS-GB Green Building Certification every one of these areas is rigorously reviewed by an independent auditor every two years to assure that the facility service provider is in compliance, prior to recertification. This process often takes years to prepare for and successfully complete. Today, customers of the janitorial service industry are benefiting from these international quality standards, in the same way customers manufacturers have benefited from ISO (International Standard of Operations). Over time, the facility service industry is being “cleaned up,” as customers recognize this easiest way to work with the highest quality vendors.

Many facility managers are now including CIMS-GB requirements in their RFP’s. By including certification requirements in their RFP’s, stating that, “Vendor must be CIMS-GB certified.” a facility manager can be assured that the successful bidder will meet accepted industry quality standards, as well all LEED EB: O&M green cleaning criteria for janitorial services. In this way, facility managers can avoid the embarrassment of hiring a substandard company, only to learn of the mistake several weeks or months after starting the project.

RWK Services, Inc. is CIMS Green Building Certified, with Honors, and has been a successful building service provider for more than 30 years. We provide leading property managers with the green cleaning services needed to meet LEED criteria. Please get in touch with us online at, or toll-free by calling 855-526-2733.

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