Chemicals: Cleaning chemicals and products often come to mind first on the topic of green cleaning. There’s a good reason for that: conventional cleaning chemicals can be hazardous to the environment, building occupants, and the cleaners using them. Your cleaning service provider’s use of certified green cleaning chemicals, coupled with a dilution-control system, minimizes chemical-related danger and waste.

Training: Green cleaning is not just about using earth-friendly cleaning products. There are specific cleaning procedures that must be followed to improve air quality, prevent cross-contamination, and achieve the level of cleanliness that will impress tenants and visitors. Cleaning personnel across the organization are trained in green cleaning and safety procedures, both in the classroom and onsite.

Equipment: New innovations in cleaning technology are constantly being developed and introduced, many with green goals in mind. Modern vacuums and other types of powered equipment are quieter, more efficient, and more effective at trapping fine particles. Your building’s air quality and other environmental objectives can benefit from your janitorial service’s level of research and adoption of new technology.

Quality: Even with the right training, chemicals and equipment, high quality green cleaning isn’t automatically guaranteed. That’s why it’s necessary for the cleaning organization on the whole, from the management to the cleaner, to strive for continuous improvement. This is best accomplished with a documented plan, which defines the service provider’s quality expectations and the procedures to follow to make sure they are fulfilled. High performance green cleaning is the result of a team effort.

Partnership: Above all, the high-performing green facility service provider is responsive to customer requests and needs, and works seamlessly with property management to ensure a great experience for building occupants and tenants.

RWK Services, Inc. is CIMS Green Building Certified, with Honors. We provide leading property managers with the green cleaning services needed to meet LEED criteria. Get in touch with us online at, or toll-free by calling 855-526-2733.

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