April 15, 2016

"An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure" – Benjamin Franklin
This is especially true when running a business or operating a facility. Preventative maintenance, particularly when conducted on a consistent basis, can be a property’s first line of defense against costly repairs and time-wasting delays. Plumbing systems are certainly no exception. Often, people think of hiring a plumber only in reaction to emergencies. However, proper maintenance can prolong the life of plumbing systems and equipment, which can assist in reducing emergency repairs.   Three key preventative maintenance services include drain cleaning/sewer jetting, drain camera inspections and catch basin cleaning.

Drain cleaning services, which remove the sludge, grease and debris that build up over time, help prevent clogs and blockages in plumbing lines, usually via hydro-jetting. Unfortunately, skipping this relatively simple service can lead to sewer back-ups, flooded basements, expensive cleanup cost, loss of and damage to property, and even the interruption of day-to-day business operations.  Regularly scheduled service can help prevent problems before they become emergencies, protect valuable investments, ensure health department compliance and prevent loss of revenue as a result of expensive closures.

In addition to drain cleaning services, drain camera inspections are an incredibly valuable tool in the diagnostics of current and potential problems. This high-tech tool discovers deeper issues that even experienced plumbers would be unable to locate including deep-rooted blockages and clogs, small cracks and leaks. When caught early enough, these potentially catastrophic plumbing problems can be avoided, making this a vital step in the preventative maintenance checklist.

Another tool in the essential arsenal of preventative plumbing maintenance is the cleaning of catch basins. Catch basins, by nature, collect trash and debris, keeping such pollutants out of the local water supply and environment. To ensure proper function, they must be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, typically through the use of a vacuum truck. Creating a preventative maintenance program for catch basins can avoid flooding while also ensuring compliance with local rules and regulations.

Every facility is unique and custom preventative maintenance programs can be tailored to meet its specific needs. Creating a preventative maintenance program allows building owners and operators to budget for sewer and drain maintenance and schedule service at convenient times; it is necessary to keeping a facility running smoothly.
This article was written by Michael Wallenstein of Neptune Plumbing & Heating Co. Michael can be reached at 216-475-9100 or michaelw@neptuneplumbing.net
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