November 2, 2017

BOMA Greater Cleveland staff has been in contact with the Fire Prevention Bureau for the City of Cleveland. As part of these discussions the Fire Marshal's office compiled two extremely useful Microsoft Word documents and they have generously made them available to all BOMA members.
Common Fire Violations

Permitting Requirements and Forms

Here is contact info & a description of the Fire Prevention Bureau:

Website link


Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm

The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for building inspections (not including one and two-family dwellings); reviewing permit applications for hazardous substances and fire protection systems; reviewing plans for new construction and building renovation; ensuring safety at public assemblies and enforcing local, state and federal laws pertaining to fire and life safety. In addition, the FPB is responsible for ensuring that hazardous material spills are cleaned up in accordance with environmental laws.

Some background on recent fire/building code inspections:

Building owners and managers located in the City of Cleveland have noticed an uptick in fire inspections - particularly concerning whether the properties are complying with luminous egress path markings (Section 1024 Luminous egress path markings). BOMA Greater Cleveland is coordinating with the Cleveland Fire Department to potentially offer a training session on this and other commonly cited issues of noncompliance.

Please note that fire inspectors in the City of Cleveland are operating under a new policy which requires them to issue an abatement order for any matter of noncompliance they observe. The Fire Marshal's office has stated they will work with building owners and managers on any issues that can easily be fixed and brought into compliance on the property; however, violations must be abated within 30 days.

If the "fix" will take beyond 30 days, or you wish to contest the abatement order, you must file with the Board of Building Standards & Appeals within 30 days. Please note that you must pick up an appeal form in person or they can mail one. Here is their contact information:

City Hall Room 516

601 Lakeside Ave.

Cleveland, OH 44114


Other important links:

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