November 14, 2016


Group Retrospective:

CareWorksComp is offering a series of webinars to help your members understand the Group Retrospective Savings Option for 2017. Click the link below to list of dates and descriptions.

PM Webinar Flyer_Nov-Jan 2017

OSHA Workplace Injuries and Illnesses Memorandum:

As you may know, there have been questions on OHSA’s stance on drug testing as it relates to retaliation. There was an initial stay on the retaliation portion to November 1, 2016, which has passed. Our safety division, RiskControl360°, has put together the attached piece summarizing and highlighting an OSHA Memorandum to Regional Administrators dated 10/19/16. We will continue to pursue answers on this and keep you updated.

Unemployment Updates:

Unemployment tax season is quickly approaching!  The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) will mail the 2017 Contribution Rate Determination to employers later this monthYou have only 30 days from the mailing date of the notification to appeal the new tax rate if there are discrepancies in the information used to determine the rate.  Most employers have an opportunity to buy down this rate by making a voluntary contribution by 12/30/2016.  Businesses which are commonly owned may find that applying for a common rate group can reduce their unemployment tax liability.  Applications for common rate groupings and for discontinuance of current groupings must also be filed with ODJFS by 12/30/2016.

Understanding this tax notice and your various options is critical in helping to control your unemployment expenses.

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