40 Million Reasons To Incentivize.

BOMA Greater Cleveland believes that through the creation of tax credits and incentives governments, regulatory bodies, and community organizations can ease the burden on our building members. This applies locally, regionally, and statewide.

Federally, BOMA Greater Cleveland follows the BOMA International model when it comes to taxes.

BOMA International supports comprehensive tax reform policies that:

  1. Do not penalize capital investment in commercial real estate
  2. Do not discriminate against real estate as an investment class
  3. Do not retroactively tax imbedded investments
  4. Revise depreciation schedules to more closely reflect market reality for building components;
  5. Treat leasehold improvements fairly as a permanent policy – allows depreciation over no longer than a 15 year period
  6. Maintain a low tax rate on capital gains
  7. Provide long term certainty and stability

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