What We Stand For

BOMA Greater Cleveland’s success greatly depends on the Northeast Ohio region itself. The relationship is simple: buildings need tenants and the Greater Cleveland area benefits tremendously from high occupancy levels in commercial office buildings.

Guided by that simple philosophy, our Government Affairs Committee has created the following position statement to guide BOMA Greater Cleveland’s advocacy efforts:

BOMA Greater Cleveland will actively support government, regulatory, and community initiatives that promote commercial real estate in the following:

  • Economic development
  • Infrastructure
  • Tax credits & incentives
  • Public safety
  • Sustainability

Our Government Affairs Charter states that our mission is, “To serve as the preferred liaison for BOMA Greater Cleveland members in government, regulatory, and community affairs that impact the commercial real estate industry in the Greater Cleveland market.”

Big Wins 

BOMA Greater Cleveland has a long history of reigning in overly burdensome building code and regulatory proposals.

In 2010, BOMA Greater Cleveland joined a years-long legal effort that delayed implementation of the new Stormwater Management Program. During the legal proceedings our members paid no fees, amounting to over $1 million in savings.

In 2012, BOMA Greater Cleveland was an invited guest of State Representative Nan Baker and attended the ceremonial bill signing of HB 18, which created the Ohio Vacant Facilities Fund. The legislation creates a $500-per-employee tax credit for businesses that expand into existing vacant commercial space. We even got one of the pens that Governor Kasich used to sign HB 18 into law.

In 2013, a proposal at the state level called for an expansion of the sales tax. The sales tax would have applied to virtually every business service – including commercial rent, real estate management fees, and parking lots and garages.

Setting aside the plethora of services that BOMA Greater Cleveland members utilize on a daily basis, this was a direct threat to the commercial real estate industry. Organizations like BOMA Greater Cleveland banded together to convince the legislature to kill the legislation.

Current Issues 

Infrastructure – Dedication to improving our region’s infrastructure is vital to the future of BOMA Greater Cleveland and the commercial real estate industry.

Public Safety – Unfortunately, our local governments continue to see major funding streams decreased or even completely erased. Many times safety forces are the first to be cut. This is a significant concern to our members as they strive to protect tenants, guests, and real property.

Regional Collaboration – Throughout Northeast Ohio local governments are dealing with declining revenues and loss of outside funding. One way they are saving money is by finding ways to share services with neighboring cities and counties. Cutting costs and streamlining services is beneficial to tax payers and we will monitor potential ways in which our membership might be affected.

Traffic/Parking Conditions – Movie shoots, resurfacing, and the ongoing Innerbelt Bridge project. These ventures all have the potential to limit downtown and regional access. Follow us for the latest updates.

Water Department – We are continually monitoring for consistent, accurate, and timely billing. Be sure to let us know if you experience any difficulties.


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